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6 Reasons To Choose Symfony Development For Your Website

6 Reasons To Choose Symfony Development For Your Website

When it boils down to creating robust and a highly professional PHP website, developers are always in search of the right framework. With a feature-rich interface, Symfony development emerges as the most popular and reliable option in this regard.

Symfony consistently ranks within the top 11 web frameworks across all platforms and technologies. Some of the world’s largest organizations like Fox, National Geographic, Spotify, etc use Symfony to power their custom application.

Well, you might ask us why we are so focused on Symfony over other equally capable PHP frameworks.

We have valid reasons:

1. Due to its highly decoupled nature, Symfony allows full customization of virtually every aspect of the system.

2.It sets itself apart due to its enhanced performance and speed; Symfony is three times faster than any other framework

3.The framework is properly structured and can sync in with the frequent and continuous upgrades, effortlessly and in no time

4.The MCV architecture makes the web application maintainable and enables users to add new functionalities without putting extra time and effort

5.It allows Symfony development company like ours to build applications that precisely meet our client’s needs

6.Our developers can easily accomplish common tasks without writing longer lines of code by taking advantage of the tools provided by Symfony

Symfony Development

Symfony development gives advantages to businesses as well

  • As it’s fast, it takes fewer system resources
  • Simple or complex, Symfony is flexible enough to create any kind of application
  • You can add many innovative features as and when required without any hassle
  • It delivers projects that can be maintained for a long time

Symfony is an ideal choice to build your next web application. Our services include:

Solution design – we will help you make the right decisions and keep your costs in check

Project management – Leveraging agile project management approach, we use various tools and processes to ensure all stakeholders have a current and transparent overview throughout the project development.

Web development – we use Symfony development framework, latest frontend technology, APIs to facilitate simple, economical and sustainable operations.

Maintenance and support – once we transfer the ownership to the client, we monitor the system for fast issue recognition, processing, and reporting

Knowledge transfer – we provide a holistic managed service support with continuous optimization for future endeavors.

Symfony Development

Ssquare Interactive is a Symfony development company and we are offering you our experience in developing Symfony projects – right from architecture to set up; from actual project development to quality assurance.


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