Ssquares Interactive Contact Details: Main address: 24/55, First Floor 490020 Vidya Vihar Colony, Nehru Nagar, Bhilai Tel:0788 4036955 , Mob:+91 98274 82972 , E-mail: List of Alumni: Swapnil Sharma , K. Roshan , Chandan Sahu , History: Ssquares – A team of professionals with the ultimate focus to help business succeed online. We are a team of dedicated professionals with great skills and knowledge to provide the services what you need! We work for you, your dream is our objective! We understand the complexities involved in running an online business successfully in the highly competitive online market. We have drawn unique strategies and functional techniques to overcome the hurdles in the contending market. Besides, we discuss in detail with every client to understand the business fully that helps us design our solutions appropriately.

High-end Ionic Development Services

High-end Ionic Development Services

Ssquares have helped start-ups, enterprises, and individuals add wings to their mobile strategy by developing high-end ionic applications.

We believe in implementing native like hybrid Ionic development solutions.

Cross-platform applications are winning the race of mobile app development because of the features like platform independent, reduced development time and offline capabilities. And the ionic development framework is the most preferred platform for the hybrid mobile app development solutions.

With Ionic development we can create, build, test and deploy apps on all platforms using just one command.

Ionic Development

Why we are the best Ionic development company in India?

  • We focus on customer experience and thus our experienced front-end developers create an amazing front end of your website and mobile app
  • Our experienced team of developers is fluent in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, frameworks like Angular JS or similar, needed to create Ionic apps for the success of your business
  • Not only the developers but also our design experts get creative and innovative delivering intuitive and user-friendly UI/UX development in every new project
  • Even the testing of the application is handled by an experienced QA team. They are well versed in the latest testing trends and device compatibilities.
  • Ionic development using efficient hardware accelerated transitions, power optimization, and touch-optimized gestures
  • Cross-platform app migration and maintenance services
  • You don’t require an investment of any additional income
  • We ensure 24/7 availability to handle online traffic and enhance response time
  • We ensure higher ROI

Ionic Development

We are one of the best Ionic Development Company.

It’s important for a business owner to understand the essence of a mobile app. It’s not only something that big companies should have but is also beneficial even for SMEs. A great mobile strategy is not only about having a responsive website and this is something that we want our clients to understand and benefit from us.

Our app designs are always tailored to your business objectives and needs. We know that your perfect app consists of many things and we are experts as an ionic development company. Therefore, we refer you from the outset into the development process.

Looking for an ionic development company? Our clientele includes brands and companies from across the world. Get in touch with us today to get started on your app.


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