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Ionic App Development For Visually Pleasing And Functionally Satisfying App

Ionic App Development For Visually Pleasing And Functionally Satisfying App

In the age of the Smartphone, having a mobile app and a mobile-optimized website is essential to connect with your customers and audience. However, getting a high quality, secure app built for Android, iOS and the web can be an expensive undertaking.

Ionic App Development

In the past start-ups faced the dilemma of only being able to afford development for either Apple or Android, not to mention the web. Cross-platform frameworks have long been a solution to reduce development cost and time but with their own issues in the earlier days.

The maturing of iOS and Android platforms along with the ionic framework now makes cross-platforms development a clear choice for the majority of the app.

With ionic app development, the same base code can be used to build an Android and iOS app, greatly reducing cost and time to market.

Ionic is an open-source software development kit used for the development of a hybrid mobile application for cross platforms. Built on angular JS and Apache Cordova; it’s a drag and drop interface building tool. It provides an efficient environment to develop mobile apps with commonplace web development tools like CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. The focus remains on creating common components that create a visually pleasing and functionally satisfying hybrid app.

Ionic app development is cost effective too. It employs a single codebase to target multiple platforms, especially including Android, iOS, and windows. Additionally, it incorporates mobile parts, typography, intelligent ideal models and an extensible base theme. The use of resources is optimized resulting in functional apps with crisp UI features.

Ionic App Development Company

SSquares Interactive focuses on understanding the Ionic app development requirements of our clients and then preparing a stellar ionic app based on these needs. We assimilate the best features from both the native worlds and well as the HTML5 world, providing the tools that will help us create a powerful and customizable hybrid application for you.

Covering all major mobile platforms, our experts use the excellent components of the ionic framework to save time, are cost-effective, and produce feature-rich hybrid apps that make full use of the available themes and plugins in the frameworks.

We have developed Ionic apps across various industry verticals, such as music, social media, healthcare, dating, fitness, etc.

Let’s build your Ionic app! Contact us today.


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