Ssquares Interactive Contact Details: Main address: 24/55, First Floor 490020 Vidya Vihar Colony, Nehru Nagar, Bhilai Tel:0788 4036955 , Mob:+91 98274 82972 , E-mail: List of Alumni: Swapnil Sharma , K. Roshan , Chandan Sahu , History: Ssquares – A team of professionals with the ultimate focus to help business succeed online. We are a team of dedicated professionals with great skills and knowledge to provide the services what you need! We work for you, your dream is our objective! We understand the complexities involved in running an online business successfully in the highly competitive online market. We have drawn unique strategies and functional techniques to overcome the hurdles in the contending market. Besides, we discuss in detail with every client to understand the business fully that helps us design our solutions appropriately.

Laravel Development Company For A Clean, Hack-Free Website

Laravel Development Company For A Clean, Hack-Free Website

Would you like to have a website with elaborate functionality and great anti-hacking protection? If the answer is YES, you should consider using Laravel 5 PHP framework. This modern framework will help you develop your boldest ideas into reality.

Laravel Development Company

Laravel Development Company

Whether it’s an e-commerce website, a large information portal or a social network, Laravel does it all with style, if handled by a professional Laravel development company.

Meet the company that fits this description – Ssquares Interactive.

Based in India, Ssquares Interactive brings you the next step in Laravel development.

When it comes to creating a cross-platform web application and mobile-friendly websites, Laravel is always our first choice. It’s one of the fastest growing PHP frameworks.

We are one of the best Laravel development company as we focus heavily on security, scalability, and performance and using the latest Laravel architecture makes it very easy for us to achieve our client’s goals. Some of our best applications developed with Laravel are in combination with Angular JS, React JS, Node.js, and MongoDB.

Why Laravel?

Everyone wants their website or application to be styled in a simple manner and Laravel is counted in the list of most looked up to PHP framework. It has straight forward codes, huge ‘bundles’, and wide-ranging migration choices to develop web portals that are simple yet modern in the look. Our developers have a sound familiarity with PHP scripting, and it serves us to deliver web applications that are extremely user-friendly, maintainable, and abundant in features.  We use a structural architectural pattern where programming actions and logic remains separate from layout interface files as CSS and HTML.

Laravel App Development

Some more benefits:

  • It’s an open source PHP framework which uses expressive syntax to help write clean codes
  • Authentication and authorization is very simple; almost everything comes out-of-the-box
  • The technology can be used to build robust backend solutions
  • It also helps build solutions which can meet the needs of heavy load applications and gives the flexibility to add features on the go.
  • Lastly, it covers all the bases to ensure that applications built on this framework are highly secure

Driven to develop the most user-friendly mobile website and application using Laravel, our work promotes long term relationship between your company and your clients, keeping your one step ahead of the competition.

Eliminating the need for your clients to read between the lines, we create clean websites and applications that deliver the message you want to get across – that why we are one of the best Laravel Development Company.


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