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Seamless User Experience From Our Symphony Development Services

Seamless User Experience From Our Symphony Development Services

Symfony, regarded as one of the most important frameworks written in PHP is now embodied with a more robust and a highly optimized avatar – Symfony 2.

Symfony is an open source written in PHP web application framework. Having configuration controls over libraries, databases and other ingrained and useful features, Symfony development services are suitable for creating commercial, corporate, social and web applications of any complexity. Further, it helps speed up the creation and maintenance of web applications and invariably replaces repetitive coding tasks.

Symphony Development

Our symfony development services include

  • Web development – our customized services offer great performance to meet your needs
  • Shopping cart development – in this arena we deliver great services with smooth checkout and payment for users
  • Module development – our symfony development services give your website that edge to keep your users enticed.
  • 3rd party app integration – we can integrate Symfony development services with third-party APIs
  • Social networking development – developing reliable and effective social networks that suit your business as well, is now possible
  • Theme design and integration – deck up your e-commerce website through our wide range of Symfony themes
  • Symfony migration solution – this very common problem, now has a very easy solution
  • Support & maintenance – 24/7 professional support and maintenance services from our symfony developers.

Reasons to choose Symfony development

  • Introducing model-view-controller in the most logical and productive way possible
  • Install and configure your web application for most platforms
  • Independent database engine
  • Cache management features that reduce bandwidth usage and server load
  • Factories plug-ins and customizations provide a high level of extensibility
  • Easy to build in email and API management
  • Unlimited flexibility and compatibility
  • Ease of use and maintenance which results in decrease support cost

Symphony Development

SSquares Interactive is a professional services company that offers a rich pallet of solutions designed for increased business productivity and efficiency. Our Symfony development services are built around a strong culture of trust that values people and interpersonal connections over processes and tools. We create each solution with utmost precision and attention to details. Our dedication is evident in the amazing design and seamless user experience of each web application we create using Symfony.


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