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Small Business WordPress Web Design – Simple Mistakes to Avoid

Small Business WordPress Web Design – Simple Mistakes to Avoid

Today, websites act as a hub for many businesses, irrespective of size, volume and nature of business. For many small businesses, it is a fundamental element to market the business, create a brand in the market place. Small business web design is crucial to turn a visitor into a customer.

Customer satisfaction is the key to success in business. Similarly, the website visitors should be highly satisfied to make all your efforts fruitful. A website design with visual appeal, professional outlook, easy navigation and great content attracts repeated visitors. A minor flaw may work adversely, turn away the potential customer.

Unfortunately, many small business owners make such simple flaws that ruin their business in a long run. Listed here are the simple small business web design mistakes to avoid.

Poor Navigation

Website navigation isn’t a priority for many small business websites. Failure to navigate the site properly creates poor user experience for the visitors. Easy and comprehensible navigation structure is a core element of a small business web design. It should be seamless, which attracts a lot of visitors to your site, gaining potential visitors, readers, subscribers, leads and of course customers.

People visit the site in search of specific information. Poor website navigation impacts the accessibility and usability of a website. If they could not the find the required information in a short span of time, they will jump quickly to another website.

Content / Structure of the Content

No visitor read the content of the website, rather just glance through the information quickly. Clumpsy structure of content is one of the major mistakes of small business web design. People actually read the content in your website only when it is necessary. Even the top notch content fails to attract the visitors when it is not structured properly.

Less is always more in terms of website content. Besides your focus on crisp and concise content, structure it nicely.

Flashy design / links / images

Using too many flashes, links, images, etc were the attractive elements of yesteryear! They neither create an appeal to the visitors nor aid marketing the business. A flashy small business web design means an overcooked meal! Don’t spend a lot of time and money on creating a flashy and heavy website, rather concentrate more on how to attract the visitors. Simple and elegant small business web design surely gains a lot of visitors!

When your website takes a lot of time to load completely, be assured your site will not attract a single visitor. Don’t go overboard with too many images.

DIY Website

Not many small business owners can invest a considerable sum to create small business web design. Yet, doing DIY website will not be successful in all cases. Don’t worry spending a few bucks to create a professional website. Hire a professional web design company and website will payback you very soon.

Lack of mobile compatibility

We live in the world of technology, run by Smart Phones. A majority of internet users use the smartphones and mobile phones to browse content. If your small business web design lacks mobile compatibility or looks unreadable in mobile phones, then it surely impact your visitors. Make your site compatible to mobile phones.

Spend quality time and efforts to develop your small business web design to perfect, to get rewarded.


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