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Symfony Development is the Future You Cannot Miss

Symfony Development is the Future You Cannot Miss

Mobile application development is an established trend in today’s market. Convenience and accessibility have become key factors in way a business solution achieves success. There are two main mobile platforms to target in the current market: Android & iPhone.

Ssquares Interactive Symfony development is a cross platform way to ensure that your investment in one platform can easily be brought to the other.

We use Symfony as our predominant server side technology for building and integrating applications to help innovators.

A brief History

Sympfony is an Open source PHP structure for creating web applications. It was initially brought about by the intelligent office SensioLabs for the improvement of sites of its own clients. Later, in 2005 it was distributed under MIT open source permit and today it’s among the main systems accessible for PHP improvements.

Symfony Development

Outstanding innovation

A full stack framework written in PHP, this is an outstanding tool that supports fast and efficient formatting. Well known and respected, it’s capable of accelerating the time it takes to move websites and applications to online status.

Symfony follows the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern. It’s aimed to build customized application in an enterprise context. To match your organization’s protocol guidelines, symfony is equipped with additional tools and application enabling you to test, document and debug your project.

Symfony minimizes repetitive tasks and underused code – normally found in large websites – and delivers a more effective capacity.

As this more efficient use of technology, it allows attention to be paid-to solving other issues and not annoying code problems. We can fully control its configuration: from the directory structure to the foreign libraries. In simple language, it allows speeding up the website creation process and consequently to reduce the expenses for development.


Ssquares Interactive works with your marketing and operations team to get the bigger picture of your organization and solve challenges together. We’ve done loads of real-time e-commerce and ERP integration; even integrated products with CRM and 3rd party services.

Symfony Development

As an experienced Symfony development company we use Symfony because of its simplicity and vast functionality. We have the extensive knowledge of Symfony and can deliver your next big thing. Mobile application is the futures so don’t miss out and call us now.


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