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Symfony Development – The Most Remarkable Framework

Symfony Development – The Most Remarkable Framework

Symfony, the full stack framework written in PHP, is an excellent tool that allows for rapid and excellent development of PHP websites and web applications. It is based on MVC (Model View Control Model) and provides easy to use and more lightweight coding structure. At Ssquares Interactive, we comfortably develop websites and applications using different frameworks but Symfony is our go to framework while developing complex web apps that demand scalability, extensibility, and ease of maintenance.

Symfony Development

We have some very strong reasons to support Symfony

-We don’t need to use the full stack framework, Symfony is very adaptable. Either Symfony components can be used which allows you to add functionalities as per your requirements or Silex micro-framework can also be chosen to develop that one very important functionality.

– Irrespective of the configuration, this robust framework can be easily installed and is compatible with all database systems. This is a strong reason that separates it from other frameworks.

-Symfony significantly reduces repetitive tasks and redundant codes which otherwise exists while developing large-scale web applications.

-It is SEO friendly and has an attractive URL facility

-It is the most reputable framework, adopted worldwide. Major public sites, social networks, community sites and workflow applications trust Symfony.

-Its community actively participates in the ongoing enrichment of this tool and several annual dedicated conferences are held around the world. This is possible because Symfony is distributed under Open Source MIT License. As a result, contribution through investment and sponsorship are immense for the future development of Symfony.

-Major versions are supported for three years by the company and for life in cases of security related issues.

We have seen Symfony framework evolve; the biggest change was from Symfony to Symfony2 version. The current Symfony 3.1 version is very similar to its previous partners and we are still waiting to use Symfony 4.

Symfony Development

As a highly functional environment, Symfony guarantees a lot of comfort during development, thus satisfying the needs of the developer and user alike. This has made us a prestigious Symfony development company with deep expertise.

To make a long story short, it is been 18 years and no one has ever gone wrong using Symfony development.


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