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Website Design Company in Raipur – Things you should know

Website Design Company in Raipur – Things you should know

As a business owner, you will know that a website will increase your exposure. Unfortunately, a simple online search will not give you the right answer, as there are many companies offering website design services. We will help you narrow down your options; here are some basic questions you can ask the website design company in Raipur that you plan on working with.

Website Design Company in Raipur

The entire project cost

Nobody has money to burn; so you will want to get down to the cost details first. While requesting a quotation, ask for an all-inclusive price.


You are sure to be offered a package, so be sure to ask “what does the package include?” Several things form a part of a website design package like SEO, content strategy and information architecture. Also, ask if they will handle website design and development. It’s better to be black and white on these things than have any regret later on

Estimated completion time

Delays can happen, however, the website design company in Raipur should provide a completion timeline.

The team

It pays to know who the designer in charge of your project is. Remember your website will serve as an extension of your company and you need a designer or a team of designers who understand how to meet your customer’s needs

Responsive framework

It’s very obvious nowadays, still, it will be worth taking the time to ask your website design company in Raipur if the website they plan to build will be responsive. After all, being mobile friendly is an important Google ranking factor.

Transition plan

This is for those companies with an existing website. You don’t want to lose traffic on the website. A good transition plan will help your original visitors to enjoy your new website too.

Platform and CMS used

There are many platforms (WordPress, Joomla, Symfony, etc.)that can be used as the framework for your website. Make sure that your website design company in Raipur tells you exactly what platform they are using and is it easily editable without any help from them.

In this digital era having a website is one of the most important steps you can take in establishing and promoting your online presence. Thus it is quite vital to have a website with impressive web design, user-friendly interface and information layout which apprises customers about what you do in a concise way.

Ssquares Interactive has 2 decades of experience in this field.


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