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The middle of the year is always usually a time of reflection except for us at Ssquares Tech is just as much about looking towards the future as we wish to continue to offer you with solutions that are on trend and relevant.

2018 has been the year during which mobile use overtook desktop browsing. This huge shift implies that we, designers, got to target mobile functionality whereas keeping desktops attractive and relevant at the same time. Through new technology, an array of latest possibilities regularly becomes available to do so. As a digital medium, web design is incredibly is much linked to developments in technology. In the past, once ‘digital’ was a brand new experience the design community mainly stuck to minimalism, everything had to appear ‘clean’ as to not overwhelm the user. Now that we’ve had time to get familiar with digital technology and feel comfortable with it trends are shifting. Let’s take a glance at the foremost the most changes we are seeing within the world of web design 2022.


Grids have forever existed to bring harmony and logic to a layout however also provided constraints in design. The trend of using broken and asymmetrical grids already started in 2018 and is predicted to grow even stronger in 2019. We will see images and text elements drift into and across the ‘hard line’ of the screen creating a unique and distinctive look.


In 2019 we are going to continue to see the work of illustrators grow more prominently. in the 60’s illustrations dominated the marketing world before photography became a trend. It seems the cycle has come back full circle. Smart artists will create illustrations packed with personality and customized to your brand – nice if you’re searching for more individuality among the crowds.


Digital screens now not ought to be ‘clean’. Users became terribly digitally savvy and now not got to be protected against getting overwhelmed. In 2019 we’ll see less minimalist designs, as the expectation is that users are going to be able to navigate their way around a site. Screens will look busier, a lot of colorful and with a lot of visual distractions or rather ‘attractions’.


More elaborate typefaces will be used on screen. Serif is making its comeback now that our screen and font rendering technologies are much improved compared to the early digital era. The expectation is that there’ll be a huge increase in the use of custom fonts. The use of huge letters, contrasting sans serif and serif headings will improve UX and keep the reader engaged.

Colors & Shapes

2019 is certainly the year for super spirited colors online. Monitors and devices these days are ready to perfectly reproduce these richer colors that are why super saturation and spirited shades (even flashing or vibrating) will now take center stage online. Traditional hard and soft edge card-shape designs are shifting to a lot of organic shapes for each primary elements and backgrounds alike. Organic and spherical shapes are effectively used together with hard-edged objects. This development could be a huge part of the maximalism trend we’re seeing throughout the digital sphere.


More and a lot of websites are moving an effort static pictures to introducing animations in an attempt to have interaction users in their communication approach. Animations are often characters or abstract visuals and work well to make a lot of meaningful interactions with visitors. It will enable them to check themselves (as a potential customer) within the character or animate the user whereas navigating and waiting for pages to load. We’ll see more and more moving animations in 2022 with the aim to attain a lot of engaging experiences.

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